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    Call Before You Dig

    En Espa?ol | One of the most potentially hazardous situations in residential areas, industrial plants and construction sites is accidental contact with underground electric power lines, natural gas lines, communication lines and other utility services.

    To ensure you're working safely, contact the designated Call Before You Dig for your state by calling 811. There’s no charge for the service, and the call is free. Calling before you dig can not only save you money from a damage claim, it can also save your life.

    All you have to remember is 811. That’s the FCC-designated number to call before any digging project. 811 will connect you to the Call Before You Dig in your respective state and notify area member utilities to mark the approximate location of underground lines. As a guideline, all utilities are not members of Call Before You Dig and may not receive notification by 811. Check out more information on 811.

    Most state laws require at least a 2-3 full working day's notice; some may be longer. Call 811 or the numbers below for the best information for your state.

    Watch the Call Before You Dig video to learn more:

    State  Contact Number
    Florida 800.432.4770
    Indiana 800.382.5544
    Kentucky 800.752.6007
    North Carolina 800.632.4949
    Ohio 800.362.2764
    South Carolina 888.721.7877

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